Technoclone is a world-leading producer of diagnostics tests, equipment's and research products in the area of blood clotting. The Technoclone it has the main focus was on monoclonal antibodies against components of the coagulation and the fibrinolytic systems. Technoclone was the first company offering a complete set of ELISAs and of a novel patented system allowing determination of activity and antigen in the same sample (Actibind) in the field of fibrinolysis.

Additionally, Technoclone has new innovation vision where it has obligated to help overcome new complexity in the diagnostics of hematological and cardio-vascular disorders. The focus of Technoclone´s research and development are in the field of thrombosis and cardiovascular diseases, which it is the main causes for mortality and morbidity. The research and development are pursued in Technoclone´s own research division and in close cooperation with Universities and international and national research consortia.

Finally, Technoclone holds at present more than 10 international patents in the field of diagnosis and therapy of vascular diseases.


 (on the forefront of diagnostic challenges of tomorrow).

CertificatesEN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485 , MDC Certificate  and MDSAP16 certificate 2016.