Monobind INC , USA is a global leader in the IVD space, established in 1978.A pioneer in IVD design and production, it has a global force in 100 countries and consistently delivers high-quality products and laboratory diagnostics which are innovative, simple to use, cost effective and vital for human-care.

The company's AccuBind® ELISA and AccuLite® CLIA systems are offered in the IVD. It is a test menu of 55 analysts, one of most comprehensive in open-system reagents.

       With a strong R&D focus and manufacturing excellence of Thyroid, Fertility & Steroid, Tumor & Cardiac Markers, Anemia, Bone Metabolism, Diabetes, Neonatal & Prenatal, Allergy, and Infectious Disease Testing. and with VAST® products, users receive a panel of markers in just one kit, based on a 96-well microplate which Monobind kits can be run manually or with fully automated analyzers, as the Monobind processes biomaterials for the largest IVD manufacturers, providing reagent-grade fractionated human blood-products (Albumin and Gamma-Globulin), purified-human plasma, serum and urine for unique applications and exact specifications.

Certificates:  ISO 13485 , CE Mark, GMP and  FDA Registration