Monobind enhances health in communities worldwide by supplying laboratory diagnostics which are innovative, simple to use, cost effective and vital for human-care. The company's AccuBind® ELISA and AccuLite® CLIA systems are offered in the IVD areas of Thyroid, Fertility & Steroid, Tumor & Cardiac Markers, Anemia, Bone Metabolism, Diabetes, Neonatal & Prenatal, Allergy, and Infectious Disease Testing. And with VAST® products, users receive a panel of markers in just one kit.

Based on a 96-well microplate, Monobind kits can be run manually or with fully automated analyzers, including Monobind-brand equipment for optimal performance. In addition to diagnostic systems, Monobind processes biomaterials for the largest IVD manufacturers, providing reagent-grade fractionated human blood-products (Albumin and Gamma-Globulin), purified-human plasma, serum and urine for unique applications and exact specifications.

Sophisticated GMP, Regulatory, and QA Commitments are the backbone to Monobind’s reliable and reproducible product line as demonstrated by our ISO 13485 Certification, CE Mark, GMP & FDA Registration and numerous Vendor Approvals and Awards from our elite customers.

A global leader in the IVD space, established in 1978, for further details see