J. Mitra & Co. Pvt. Ltd, India is the pioneer in manufacturing and marketing of IVD test kits in India and it has continuously produced world class IVD products in India. A recent example being dengue Day 1 test which have achieved no. 1 market share after its launch in 2010.

  The company manufactures a range of tests for infectious diseases like HIV, HBV, HCV, Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid, Leptospira in rapid and ELISA test formats.

  The other products include a range of anti-Sera products and confirmatory tests like Western Blot for HIV.

Certificates: ISO 9001in 2015, EN ISO 13485 in 2016, WHO-GMP Certified, ICMED 13485 Certifications and HbA1c-NGSP- Certifications.